Thursday, June 30

Discover the Newest Home Appliance and How You Can Profit From It

Some people are saying that this is the next microwave oven or cell phone when it comes to the sales potential. I think it’s better because we can participate in the revenue that will come from this technology. Unless we were shareholders of one of the companies that made it big on microwaves or cell phones, we just bought them, used them and help to line the pockets of others.

What I’m referring to isn’t even a new technology as it was invented in conjunction with the space program in the era of Skylab; about 25 years ago. The ability to clean and purify in a way that nature does it in a lightning storm has been duplicated and utilized commercially for many years now. However, until a short time ago this technology was only available commercially due to costs and maintenance issues. home appliances jp nagar

Did you know that most hospitals clean linens from operating rooms and other garments without detergent? And get this; the wash comes out cleaner and sterilized even without using hot water! The newest home appliance on the market will do the same thing with any consumer washing machine. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, nothing to maintain and anyone using one just loves the results. The appliance that I’m talking about is called LaundryPure.

LaundryPure mounts with a couple of screws above or around your washing machine. It’s pretty simple to hook up as you just disconnect the cold water hose from your washing machine and attach it to the LaundryPure. Then you attach a supplied hose to the LaundryPure and the other end to the washing machine’s cold water inlet. Plug the unit into a wall outlet and you’re done. You should also shut off your hot water as it will no longer be needed. The LaundryPure technology will now use super oxygenated water to clean your clothes without any detergent or hot water!

Now for the opportunity that will only last until the manufacturer’s exclusive patent runs out. I wouldn’t call the original version of this product a clunker although it looked like one. But with any brand new products, there were shortcomings which needed to be addressed. Fast forward two years to the present and they have a state of the art product. The really great opportunity exists because this is not sold in retail stores as the manufacturer has enjoyed a very long history (80 years) of selling things on a direct to consumer basis. Over the years, they managed to sell over 50 million vacuum cleaners this way and enjoy an enviable customer satisfaction level. This is a multi-billion dollar company that has a marketing and compensation plan that has made many people very comfortable from a financial standpoint. Can you get rich with this? Maybe; as there are many people with incredible levels of success with this product. The nice thing is that the device doesn’t generally need to be sold as just making people aware of it tends to spread the interest like fire. I find it to be the best home business opportunity that I’ve ever come across.



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